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Field Day Information

Larkfield ARC Field Day Operation

Annual Nationwide Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Drill

Held on the last full weekend in June

West Hills County Park in Huntington N.Y.

The Larkfield Amateur Radio Club (LARC) will set up and operate multiple radio stations and compete in a timed exercise with other stations nationwide. This exercise is a test of the ability of local groups to provide communications facilities in time of need.

LARC will provide a supervised open station for anyone who wants to “Get On The Air” (GOTA Station) and experience amateur radio first hand.

LARC will use multiple antennas, emergency power only, and support equipment to demonstrate our capabilities.

Take a guided tour of our site and operating stations. Come and see what kind of communications can be set up when wide area power and telephones fail in an emergency or disaster!


The Park is located on HIGHHOLD DR. off of ROUND SWAMP RD. just north of exit 39 on the Northern Parkway and exit 48 on the LIE (I-495). The entrance to the park, on Highhold Dr, is on the right as you are traveling north on Round Swamp Rd. and is approximately 1 mile north of Northern Pkwy. It is well marked with wooden signs and we will have a Larkfield Amateur Radio Club banner at the entrance also. Talk in will be on the Amateur Radio Club repeater WR2ABA on 147.210 mhz (4Z PL). Listen for us with a shortwave radio on the ham bands. Our call sign is W2LRC and we’ll be there for you!

See our Field Day photos at our Photo Gallery

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